ND5-060 Front Loader

The front loader ND5-060 is designed for coupling with compact tractors VEGA, MT8-232 and MT8-050 incl. their modifications. After installation of relevant working tools and implements the loader is used for loading of soil, bulk materials, air-dried goods, manures and for similar material handling. 

Working tools of this front loader: 
– basic loader shovel for bulk materials, capacity 0.1 m3, weight 56 kg 
– manure fork, capacity 0.2 m3, weight 62 kg 

The loader is controlled by means of the tractor hydraulics through its two external hydraulic circuits and quick-couplers. The loader is designed especially for material handling, loading and disposal works in agricultural objects with live-stock production, in storehouses, at gardening, municipal services, in building industry and wherever there is insufficient space for bigger tractor machinery. 

Leading features: 
– easy coupling with small tractors 
– easy attachment or change of working tools 
– comfortable operation 
– good mobility in smaller spaces 

While working, it is always necessary to use additional ballast weights. 

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Technické parametry

Maximum loading height 2 060 mm
Maximum dumping height 1 820 mm
Operating depth 120 mm
Hook carrying capacity 250 kg
Max. travel speed with load 6 km/h
Max. slope inclination
Overall width with tractor 1 320 mm
Operating pressure of hydraulics 8,5 MPa
Weight of front loader 140 kg
Weight 200 kg
Cena bez DPH 4.307,97 EUR
Cena S DPH 5.212,65 EUR




Typ Název Cena bez DPH Cena s DPH Foto
ND5-060/1 Držák čelního nakladače 1.191,57 EUR 1.441,80 EUR

Multimédia ND5-060 Front Loader

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