Hydraulic Two-Piston Steering

A hydraulic steering (HDŘ-002 booster) was developed to reduce the control force. The steering drive is provided by a hydraulic pump, which is located on the engine. The pressurized hydraulic oil flows from the hydraulic pump to the control unit and further to the hydraulic distributor and back to the tank. Two hydraulic cylinders are used on this steering, which ensures less control force. Furthermore, the construction of the front and rear hinge is strengthened on this procedure. In the event of a motor or hydraulic pump failure, the control unit provides emergency control as the control force increases. The control can be installed in small tractors series TK-10-12, TZ4K-14, MT8-132.2 and MT8-132.32.

Used oil                                                              HV-46 
Working pressure                                             60 bar 
Working steering range                                   45 ° 
Diameter of working hydraulic cylinder        50 mmm 
Stroke of working hydraulic cylinder             100 mm 
Control unit                                                        DANFOS

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