AKR-60T Vineyard Rotavator

The Vineyard rotavator is a completely new additional device for working in the vineyard. The rotavator cultivates the area between the rows so that the area is cultivated only in the places where are vineyard heads and the area for the movement of the compact tractor remains grassed. The vineyard can be entered with tractor even in adverse climatic conditions.


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Technical details

Height 741,5 mm
Width 1152 mm
Lenght 981 mm
Weight 123 kg
Operating depth 150 mm
Slope inclination 8
Number of knives 4P+4L
Operating width 320 mm
vodorovný výsuv 216 mm
Price without VAT 3,162.24 EUR
Price with VAT 3,826.31 EUR

Multimedia AKR-60T Vineyard Rotavator

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