AGS-200 Sprayer

These sprayers were designed for spraying small areas of agricultural land, parks, golf courses and football fields. Furthermore, the sprayer can be used in vineyards and in winter for salting of roads with a solution. The sprayers are designed to be mounted for connection to tractors with a standard category I hitch. The control valve t is a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge. It has a valve for the internal circulation (tank-pump-tank). No need to switch off the tractor shaft. It contains 5 valve distributors (1x valve middle arm, 1x valve left arm, 1x valve right arm, 1x mixing valve back to the tank, 1x valve for manual spray gun).

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Technical details

Capacity 200 L
Spray bars 3 ks (2x lateral + 1x central)
Working surface height 30 - 100 cm
Operating area width 6 m (on request 8 m)
Spray bars - side height 200 cm + (20 - 100 cm working height)
Number of nozzles 12 pcs
Central bars 4 pcs
Side bars 4 pcs
Distance of nozzles on the bars 500 mm
Pump Membrane BM 65/30
Price without VAT 1,787.35 EUR
Price with VAT 2,162.69 EUR

Multimedia AGS-200 Sprayer

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