250TEN / 200TN / 100TN Mist Blower

The tractor mounted mist blower is a modern machine designed to protect vineyards and cultivated shrubs against diseases and pests. Its special design optimises the use of energy and sprays that are applied evenly to the plants we wish to protect. This mist blower features a deflector with front air intake. The air jet passes through the deflector at an angle to improve the spray dispersion on the underside of plant leaves. With their technical solution, AGP sprayers guarantee accurate dosing and thus perfect spraying of plants in the form of mist. This results in an even application of the spray liquid to all parts of the plants. Adjustable fan blades supply the most suitable amount of air for the treated plants. Spray tank tanks are made of high quality polyethylene. The sprayers are supplied in two versions - mounted and towed. The AGP 100 TEN, 250 TEN, 400 TEN fan is located in the middle of the polyethylene tank are additionally equipped with a clean water tank for rinsing the sprayer and for washing hands.

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Technical details

Polyethylene tank 100 l 200 l 250 l
Pump BM 65 l BM 65/30 BM 80/30, PA 908(Bertolini), KAPA 100
Regulator PR - 1F/3, PR 6F/3 PR - 1F/3, PR 6F/3 PR - 1F/3, PR 6F/3
Nozzles Lechler TR Lechler TR Lechler TR
Ventilator Ø 525 mm, 12.000 - 22.000 m3/hod Ø 525 mm, 12 000 - 22 000 m3/hod Ø 515 mm, 16 000 - 35 000 m3 air/h
Output speed 12 to 40 m/sec 12 to 40 m/s 20 - 34 m/s
Ventilator speed 540 ot/min 540 ot/min 1 800 ot/min
Connection I. category I. category I. category
Number of nozzles 12 12 12
Pump drive by PTO shaft by PTO shaft by PTO shaft
Price without VAT 2,658.11 EUR 3,895.51 EUR 4,216.32 EUR
Price with VAT 3,216.32 EUR 4,713.57 EUR 5,101.74 EUR


Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 187.90 EUR 227.36 EUR

Multimedia 250TEN / 200TN / 100TN Mist Blower

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