ANS-3500 Three-Side Tipping Trailer

This tipping trailer is designed especially for utilisation in agriculture, forestry, gardening, vegetable farms, building industry and local transport being coupled with tractors. It is used especially for loose materials and part loads. Its body can be tipped in three sides by means of one hydraulic four-stage telescopic cylinder controlled directly from the driver’s cab. The body itself comprises hinged sideboards. Its loading capacity can be extended by means of an optional superstructure NK-800. The trailer brake system is mechanical, controlled by an overrun brake and provided with backing automatics for safe driving even under extreme conditions. This trailer is intended for coupling with small tractors of all types and available in three standard colour tones: blue, green and red.

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Technické parametry

Width 1 800 mm
Weight of trailer 550 kg
Loading area 5,07 m2
Loading space 2,64 m3
Wheel track 1 270 mm
Payload 2 800 kg
Towing eye 40 mm
Tipping angle 45°
Cena bez DPH 135,000 Kč
Cena S DPH 163,350 Kč




Typ Název Cena bez DPH Cena s DPH Foto
ANS-3500/a Extension of Trailer 800 mm (Full / Net) 3500 35,000 Kč 42,350 Kč
PKS-3500 Support Adjustable Wheel 3,500 Kč 4,235 Kč
ANS-3500/c Extra Galvanizing 15,000 Kč 18,150 Kč

Multimedia ANS-3500 Three-Side Tipping Trailer

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