SK2-130 Two – Line Potato Planter

This machine is designed for planting of upchitted potatoes or potatoes with sprouts up to 5 mm. The planter makes furrows, lays potatoes down and finally fills furrows with soil. This planter can be coupled only with two-axle compact tractors.

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Technical details

Length 1 250 mm
Width 1 460 mm
Height 1 040 mm
Weight 175 kg
Line spacing options 56 cm
Number of furrows 2 pcs
Spacing of potatoes in furrow 26 - 30 - 33 - 37 cm
Planting depth 4 - 8 cm
Feeding hopper capacity to 120 kg
Operating speed 2 - 5 km/h
Max. slope inclination
Transport speed to 15 km/h
Output (in good conditions) 0,25 ha/h
Towing compact tractors MT8-050, MT8-150, TZ-4K14, MT8-132
Price without VAT 3,116.41 EUR
Price with VAT 3,770.85 EUR



Multimedia SK2-130 Two – Line Potato Planter

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