PBG-250 Rear Digger

This attached implement is designed for digging, simple earth works, loading and displacement of agricultural materials. While working it is supported by adjustable rugged legs. This digger is equipped with a separate hydraulic circuit and powered by a hydromotor which is linked directly to the tractor rear PTO shaft. Own control is based on a two-function hydraulic distributor. This implement provides reliable and easy operation and fast coupling to a small tractor. Optional accessories Manure fork – grab Jib extension “A” 800 mm.

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Technical details

Maximum horizontal reach 2 500 mm
Maximum operating depth 1 300 mm
Maximum loading height 2 400 mm
Maximum angular displacement 180°
Maximum load on hitch 150 kg
Loading shovel width 270 mm
Loading shovel volume 0,03 m2
Hydraulic tank capacity 25 l
Hydraulic pump capacity 25 l/min
Oil operating pressure 16 MPa
Price without VAT 7,103.57 EUR
Price with VAT 8,595.33 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
PBG-L800 Slope Spoon L=800mm 504.12 EUR 609.99 EUR
PBG-L400 Dredging Spoon L=400mm 494.96 EUR 598.90 EUR

Multimedia PBG-250 Rear Digger

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