APV-175 Earth Auger

The earth auger APV-175 is designed for earth boring in cohesive soils without bigger stones. It makes easier works at tree planting and landscaping, setting of fence posts etc. A basic part of this earth auger is its framing with a U-shaped support. Its gearbox with bevel gearing is hinged on the rear frame edge. The own drilling auger is installed on the gearbox output shaft. The power itself is transmitted from the tractor PTO shaft through a cardan shaft. The bearing frame is to be attached to the tractor instead of the third point and its support to both lower arms of the three-point hitch. Bore sizes depend on used drilling augers. Standard earth augers are supplied with drills with diameters of 200, 300 and 400 mm. Drilling depth can be adjusted by means of adjustable bars on the gearbox. This earth auger can be coupled with all types of small tractors equipped with the three-point hitch ISO 730/1N. In case of tractors TK-12, TZ-4K-14 and MT8-132 it is necessary to use the quick-coupler FDZ-187. The earth auger can be mounted both on the front and rear three-point hitch. Thanks to its design the auger is almost maintenance-free. 

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Technical details

Distance between drilling axis and rear wheel axis 1 800 mm
Weight 167 kg
Max. bore depth 700 mm
Drill diameters 200, 300 and 400 mm
Rated drilling speed 121 ot/min-1
Input shaft speed 540 ot/min-1
Drilling time 30 - 80 sec.
Price without VAT 1,466.54 EUR
Price with VAT 1,774.52 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-318 PTO Shaft 318 247.48 EUR 299.45 EUR
61239 Borer*500mm 985.33 EUR 1,192.25 EUR
61238 *400mm 756.19 EUR 914.99 EUR
61245 Borer*300mm 664.53 EUR 804.08 EUR
61217 Borer*200mm 591.20 EUR 715.35 EUR
61216 Borer*150mm 572.87 EUR 693.17 EUR

Multimedia APV-175 Earth Auger

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