SB-1400 / 1200 / 1000 Rotary Two-Disc Rear Mower

The side-mounted mower SB 1200 is designed for mowing of high grasses and soft-stalky plants with height up to 500 mm. This implement is driven by a cardan shaft with its freewheel that couples the tractor driving mechanism with the mower. Its power transmission is based on V-belts of counter-rotating cutting drums with the mower  operating diameter of 600 mm. While mowing, the machine moves on its floating skids that provide, together with its low weight, perfect terrain following. For any obstacle hitting the mower is provided with overload protection comprising a brace and a locking spring. The mower is equipped with a rope mechanism for its additional vertical adjustment used also for setting the implement in its transport position. This side-mounted mower can be coupled with all types of small tractors equipped with the three-point hitch ISO 730/1N and a front PTO shaft. In case of compact tractors TK-12, TZ-4K-14 and MT8-132.2 it is necessary to couple the mower by means of the quick-coupler FDZ-187.

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Technical details

SB-1400 SB-1200 SB-1000
Operating width 1 400 mm 1 200 mm 1 000 mm
Number of knives 6 pcs 6 pcs 6 pcs
Cutting height 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Cutting drum speed 1 800 ot/min 1 800 ot/min 1 800 ot/min
Drum diameter 700 mm 600 mm 500 mm
Maximum working ouput 0,9 - 1,2 ha/hod 0,7 - 1 ha/hod 0,5 - 0,8 ha/hod
PTO shaft speed 540 or 1 000 ot/min 540 or 1 000 ot/min 540 or 1 000 ot/min
Weight 210 kg 105 kg 105 kg
Price without VAT 3,895.51 EUR 3,162.24 EUR 2,978.92 EUR
Price with VAT 4,713.57 EUR 3,826.31 EUR 3,604.49 EUR


Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316/a PTO Shaft witch Overruning Clutch 316/a 293.31 EUR 354.90 EUR

Multimedia SB-1400 / 1200 / 1000 Rotary Two-Disc Rear Mower

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