BISON UP-1500 /1250 Mulcher with Collection and Lift

The BISON UP 1250 / 1500 with collecting and lifting mechanism is a compact and versatile machine. The mulcher is aggregated with compact tractors equipped with a rear three-point hitch ISO 730/1 and a power exceeding 25 kW. 

It is especially used for: 
-for surface mulching with the possibility of collection (collected grass can be used for feeding) 
-mulching of grass and leaves 
-collection of leaves, grass 
-cleaning of parks, orchards, sports grounds, public and urban greenery 
-crushing and harvesting potato stalks 
The mulcher is equipped with a rotor made of high-grade steel, which is dynamically balanced. The rotor is equipped with 40 or 72 heat-treated knives, which are shaped so that there is a better suction effect and a better filling of the collection basket. Tilting and closing the basket is controlled hydraulically directly from the compact tractor. The hydraulic cylinder is double-acting, which allows you to leave the basket open and not collect mulched material. The mulcher is driven by a PTO shaft with a coasting clutch, which connects the shaft of the tractor drive mechanism to the mulcher.

Warning! The mulcher is not designed for soil cultivation. 

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Technical details

BISON-1500UP Bison-1250UP
Operating width 1 500 mm 1 250 mm
Sack capacity 600 L 500 L
Weight 250 kg 220 kg
PTO shaft speed 540 ot/min-1 or 1000 ot/min-1 540 ot/min-1 or 1000 ot/min-1
Power source 30 kW 25 kW
Number of knives 48 pcs 40 pcs
Slope inclination 12° 12°
Travel operating speed 3 km/h 3 km/h
Lifting height 2,18 m 2,18 m
Price without VAT 6,645.28 EUR 5,866.18 EUR
Price with VAT 8,040.79 EUR 7,098.08 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316/a PTO Shaft witch Overruning Clutch 316/a 293.31 EUR 354.90 EUR

Multimedia BISON UP-1500 /1250 Mulcher with Collection and Lift

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