AŽR-169 Rotary Mower

This mower is designed for head-on attachment to compact tractors equipped with the front three-point hitch ISO-730/1N including a front PTO shaft. It is driven by a cardan shaft with its freewheel that couples the tractor driving mechanism with the mower. It is a very useful machine intended especially for mowing of lawn surfaces, such as parks, gardens, playgrounds etc. all the year round. 

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Technical details

Width 1 654 mm
Length 1 235 mm
Height 585 mm
Weight 170 kg
Power source min 14,5 kW
Tractor PTO shaft speed 1 000 ot/min-1
Number rotary of knives 3 pcs
Operating width 1 600 mm
Travel operating speed 3 km/h
Cutting height 20 - 70 mm
Height of undergrowth 200 mm
Slope inclination 10°
Price without VAT 2,337.31 EUR
Price with VAT 2,828.14 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 187.90 EUR 227.36 EUR

Multimedia AŽR-169 Rotary Mower

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