TSM-95 Mechanical Wood Chipper

The tractor chipper for garden and forest waste is designed for the disposal of materials of plant origin, plant residues and woody parts (up to a maximum diameter of 120 mm). The result of the process are wooden chips which you can use for heating, production of mulch for backfilling plants or for treatment of plant residues before composting. The chipper can be applied behind a compact tractor using a three-point hitch of category 1 and 1N. The chipper is equipped with a mechanically rotating chimney, which ensures the exhaust of wood chips directly on the body. The chipper takes torque from the PTO shaft of the tractor using an articulated shaft.

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Technical details

Wheel diameter 570 mm
Number of knives 4
Knife size 170x100x14
Rotor speed 80 ot/min
Weight 280 kg
Chip capacity 5-15mm
Output 5-10 m3/hod
Max. diameter of loaded materials 120 mm
Output of tractor 25-50HP
PTO shaft speed 1000 ot/min
Three-point hitch 1a1 N
Adjustable column out take 180°-7 position
Inserted profile (width x height) 622x622mm
Price without VAT 3,849.68 EUR
Price with VAT 4,658.11 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316/a PTO Shaft witch Overruning Clutch 316/a 293.31 EUR 354.90 EUR

Multimedia TSM-95 Mechanical Wood Chipper

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