ŠŠ-1000 Screw Wood Splitter

The screw splitter is used for splitting wooden logs from 10 cm to 100 cm long. Splitting is achieved by rotating the splitting mandrel with a helix (asymmetrical thread), where a piece of wood is pulled in by means of a thread until the log is split. The splitter has two working positions. A work table is used to split a log from 10 cm to 40 cm in length, and from 40 cm to 100 cm in length, the work table is removed and a support is used. The splitter mandrel is made of high-quality hardened steel and can be sharpened or easily replaced at any time. The screw splitter can be hung behind compact tractors with a three-point hitch ISO 730 / 1N.

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Technical details

Diameter of splitting mandrel 100 mm
Splitting mandrel speed 500 - 1000 [ot/min]
Input power requirement min. 10 kW
Weight 50 kg
Price without VAT 893.68 EUR
Price with VAT 1,081.35 EUR




Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 187.90 EUR 227.36 EUR
BKH-316/b PTO Shaft Overload Clutch 500N.m-1 316/b 270.39 EUR 327.18 EUR

Multimedia ŠŠ-1000 Screw Wood Splitter

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