Winea 900 COMPACT TRACTORS Articulated

Winea 900 is a modification of compact tractor with reduced emissions and optimized performance for winemakeres who aprreciate a narrow-track tractor. Now, winemakers can make the most of the vineayard's area. Due to the dimensions of the tractors, the rows can be very narrow.

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Technical details

Emission standards
Winea 900
Winea 900
Variants of small tractors of emission standard Stage IIIA - SALE UNTIL 2021 OR UNTIL SOLD OUT.
Engine Kohler KDW1003
Power output kW/HP -
Max. engine speed rpm -
Piston displacement cm3 -
Torque Nm@rpm -
Cooling water
Number of cylinders -
Gearbox mechanical
Number of gears 8 forwards / 8 backwards
Clutch single
Travel speed range km/h 0,8–30
Front tires – standard 7,50x16
Rear tires – standard 7,50x16
Front three-point hitch ISO 730/1N*
Rear three-point hitch ISO 730/1N*
PTO shaft speed – front 1000 ot/min
PTO shaft speed – rear 540–1000 ot/min
Lifting force – front hitch 5100 N
Lifting force – rear hitch -
Mechanical brakes 4 x disc
Front differential front differential lock
Rear differential rear differential lock
Steering hydraulic
Hydraulic pump capacity 35 l/min
Operating pressure of hydraulics -
Hydraulic distributor -
External hydraulic circuit -
Specific fuel consumption -
Heating -
Fuel tank capacity -
Turning radius -
Weight -
Weight min/max -
Maximum permissible trailer weight not braked / braked by the over-run brake -
Exhaust gas treatment -
Fuel type -
Safety protective frame -
Width -
Price without VAT 17,369.39 EUR
Price with VAT 21,016.96 EUR



Optional tires




Kohler engines are liquid-cooled diesel engines with fully mechanical engines. Fast-acting fuel injection technology provides the required performance while maintaining low fuel consumption.


Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-318/a universal joint shaft 316.22 EUR 382.63 EUR
BKH-318 universal joint shaft 247.48 EUR 299.45 EUR
BKH-316/b Universal joint shaft with front clutch 270.39 EUR 327.18 EUR
BKH-316/a universal shaft with freewheel 284.14 EUR 343.81 EUR
BKH-316 universal shaft 178.74 EUR 216.27 EUR
EZH-01 floor hinge with noozle 595.78 EUR 720.90 EUR
AS00491 swivel hitch for flatbed 178.74 EUR 216.27 EUR

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