MT8-132 COMPACT TRACTORS Articulated

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Technical details

Emission standards
MT8-132.26 MT8-132 30HP - Klasik
MT8-132.26 MT8-132 30HP - Klasik
Variants of small tractors of emission standard Stage IIIA - SALE UNTIL 2021 OR UNTIL SOLD OUT.
Engine - Kohler 9LD-625.2
Power output kW/HP 17,7/23,7 22/30
Max. engine speed rpm 3000 2800
Piston displacement cm3 1028 1248
Torque Nm@rpm 63/2300 67/2000
Cooling vodou air
Number of cylinders 3 2
Gearbox mechanická mechanical
Number of gears 4 vpřed / 4 vzad 4 forwards / 4 backwards
Clutch jednostupňová suchá single
Travel speed range km/h 0,8-25 0,8 - 25
Front tires – standard 6,00x16 6,00x16
Rear tires – standard 6,00x16 6,00x16
Front three-point hitch ISO 730 / 1N ISO 730 / 1N
PTO shaft speed – rear 540-1000 ot/min 540 - 1000 ot/min
Lifting force – rear hitch 6200 N 6200 N
Mechanical brakes 2x bubnové 2 x drums
Front differential Přední uzávěrka diferenciálu front differential lock
Rear differential zadní uzávěrka diferenciálu rear differential lock
Steering hydraulické (mechanické) hydraulic (mechanical)
Hydraulic pump capacity 17l/min 17 l/min
Operating pressure of hydraulics 8 Mpa 8 Mpa
Hydraulic distributor jednosekční, (dvousekční až čtyřsečkní) one-section, (two-section to four-section *)
External hydraulic circuit 1 x vzadu, další okruhy na přání 1 x at the back, other circuits on request
Specific fuel consumption 235 g/kWh = 10% 235 g/kWh ±10%
Fuel tank capacity 11l 11 l
Turning radius 2 m 2 m
Weight 870 kg 870 kg
Width 1170 1170
Fuel type diesel Diesel
Motor KDW1003 -
Price without VAT 15,352.89 EUR 14,619.62 EUR
Price with VAT 18,576.99 EUR 17,689.73 EUR



Optional tires




The Kohler 9LD626.2 diesel engine is a four-stroke in-line two-cylinder air-cooled with direct fuel injection. The engine has an OHV valve train. The design of the engine is based on many years of experience of the Italian manufacturer. Kohler engine is characterized by low weight for its performance, ease of use, high economy of operation and aesthetic appearance. Its overall design allows a wide range of engine applications. It can be used mainly in tractor and stationary design. It is suitable for compact tractors type TZ-4K-14, TZ-4K-10 (12), MT8-132.2 and MT8-050 (150). It can also be used in diesel-electric units. 


Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
08109/2 Double-Circiut Hydraulic Distributor + 1x Rear Circle 389.55 EUR 471.36 EUR
ZUD-01 Rear Differential Lock 412.47 EUR 499.08 EUR
BMZ-142 Basic Wheel Weight 20Kg 167.28 EUR 202.38 EUR
BMZ-142/a Extra Wheel Weight 25Kg 171.86 EUR 207.93 EUR
BOM-159 Protective Front Arch 591.20 EUR 715.35 EUR
BOM-160 Protective Rear Arch 453.71 EUR 548.99 EUR
52780 Lower Hitch Adapter 132.91 EUR 160.82 EUR
07758-c Wheel Attachments 300 mm 144.36 EUR 174.66 EUR
DRZ-203 Rear Triangular Quick Coupler 1 (680 mm) 206.23 EUR 249.54 EUR
DNP-141 Tires 7.50x16 (set) - -
DNP-161 Lawn Wheels (set) 30,5x15,5x5 2,474.79 EUR 2,994.50 EUR
DNP-151 Communal Wheels - Arrow pattern (set) 10.0x75x15,3 1,329.06 EUR 1,608.16 EUR
BKH-318/a universal joint shaft 316.22 EUR 382.63 EUR
BKH-318 universal joint shaft 247.48 EUR 299.45 EUR
BKH-316/b Universal joint shaft with front clutch 270.39 EUR 327.18 EUR
BKH-316/a universal shaft with freewheel 284.14 EUR 343.81 EUR
BKH-316 universal shaft 178.74 EUR 216.27 EUR
HTB-430 Hydraulic Third Point 430mm 224.56 EUR 271.72 EUR
HTB-220 Hydraulic Third Point 220mm 215.40 EUR 260.63 EUR
07657/b Towball ISO 50 (to the rear frame hinge) 43.54 EUR 52.66 EUR

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