ARS-171 Front Ploughshare

This plough share is designed for snow removal from handling places, gardens, pavements, roads etc. It is also used for removal of soil, sand or dry excrements from stabling spaces etc. 

Leading features of plough share ARS-171: 
– utilisation in objects with limited spaces 
– easy coupling and uncoupling 
– comfortable working control 
– adjustable in two operating widths 

Possible mechanical angular displacement in the horizontal plane bilaterally through angles up to 45°. The plough share ARS-171 can be coupled with a front three-point hitch through the quick-closing device DRZ 103. The plough share can be used with all types of small tractors equipped with a front three-point hitch. The plough share ARS-103 can be coupled through a special frame fixed on the bottom part of the tractor gearbox and used for coupling with compact tractors TK-10, 12, TZ-4K-14, MT8-132, MT8- 232 and Vega. 

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Technické parametry

Length 620 mm
Max. working width 1 750 mm
Min. working width 1 250 mm
Maximum working height 600 mm
Weight 111 kg
Maximum angular displacement 45°
Cena bez DPH 1.741,52 EUR
Cena S DPH 2.107,24 EUR




Typ Název Cena bez DPH Cena s DPH Foto
ARS-171/a Rubber Blade for Snow L=1650 226,86 EUR 274,47 EUR
DRZ-103 Triangular Quick Coupler 210,82 EUR 255,09 EUR

Multimédia ARS-171 Front Ploughshare

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