BOBR 75 / BOBR 75 Transport Wood Chipper

BOBR 75 and BOBR 75T wood chippers can be used during liquidation of wood (branches, whole trees, etc.) after logging and cleaning of forests, parks, gardens and river basins or the processing of construction or carpentry waste. The result of the work of the chipper is heating wood divided into pieces of 6 to 10 cm up to max * 80 mm. After drying, the blocks are used to for all solid fuel heaters. The chipper is equipped with two three-knife drums connected by gears. During the rotating of the drums, the blades of a pair of knives approach each other at a minimum distance (0.2 mm) and press to separate the mass into blocks. By the retracting effect of the knife kynematics, the wood mass is automatically drawn into the shredder. The knives are made of quality steel and they can be separated. The BOBR 75T chipper can be hung behind compact tractors with a three-point hitch of category 1N with a minimum output of 4 kW. A part of the chipper is also a hinge for connecting the semi-trailer behind tractors. The BOBR 75 Transport wood waste chipper is equipped with a belt conveyor, which ensures the transport of blocks directly to the body.  

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Technické parametry

75 75 Transport
Length 811mm 811mm
Width 1148mm 1148mm
Height 1113mm 1902mm
Knife drum speed 100ot.min-1 100ot.min-1
Input power requirement Min.8kWh Min.8kWh
Weight 95kg 125kg
Material dimensions - raw wood do 75mm do 75mm
Material dimensions - dry hardwood do 70mm do 70mm
Material dimensions - prism do 70x70mm do 70x70mm
Cena bez DPH 34 900 Kč 54 900 Kč
Cena S DPH 42 229 Kč 66 429 Kč




Typ Název Cena bez DPH Cena s DPH Foto
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 3 900 Kč 4 719 Kč
PTL-01 Baggin Device (Transport) 11 900 Kč 14 399 Kč
BKH-316/b PTO Shaft Overload Clutch 600N.m-1 316/b 5 900 Kč 7 139 Kč
BKH-316/b PTO Shaft Overload Clutch 500N.m-1 316/b 5 900 Kč 7 139 Kč

Multimédia BOBR 75 / BOBR 75 Transport Wood Chipper

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