OP-220 Combinated Hay Maker

This combined hay maker is designed for hay tedding and raking and can be used also for leaves and moss raking etc. For hay tedding it is necessary to remove its swath shield. Its travel and rake speed is to be set according to proper hay tossing. Hay laying in swathes should be done with the swath shield, in case of greater bulks the swath shield should be removed again. This implement is driven by a cardan shaft that couples the tractor driving mechanism with the hay maker. These combined hay makers are designed for direct coupling with all types of compact tractors equipped with a three-point hitch.

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Technical details

Price without VAT 2,200.83 EUR
Price with VAT 2,663.00 EUR


Type Name Price without VAT Price with VAT Photo
BKH-316 PTO Shaft 316 178.82 EUR 216.37 EUR

Multimedia OP-220 Combinated Hay Maker

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